The Cambridge Overcoming Polarization (COP) Seminar
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October 3 / 2022
- October 2 / 2023
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Sander van der Linden
Institution The Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Cambridge

Rory Finnin
Institution The Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Cambridge

The Cambridge Special Interest Group (SIG) on Disinformation and Media Literacy is an interdisciplinary and university-wide project (part of the Technology and Trust Initiative) which focuses on the role of polarization in misinformation. It connects researchers from across the university, from computer science and the humanities to behavioral science, management, and psychology. The initiative organizes conferences, events, webinars, reports, and maintains an email list to engage its members. One of the initiative's strengths is to respond to current challenges. For example, the SIG is hosting key events to understand the role of polarization and misinformation during the Ukrainian-Russian conflict by teaming up with the Department for Ukrainian Studies. The university has released a number of videos and disseminated material on social media from these events.

With support from Templeton World Charity Foundation, this seminar series directed by Sander van der Linden at The University of Cambridge aims to grow a dynamic network of students and scholars by hosting ten interactive and interdisciplinary presentations of cutting-edge research on how to define and overcome polarization.

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