Neuromatch 2022: Democratizing Access to Science
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July 1 / 2022
- June 30 / 2023
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North America
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Nicholas Halper
Institution Neuromatch, Inc.

A new project led by Nick Halper at Neuromatch, Inc. aims to democratize access to science. Neuromatch Academy (NMA) aims to  teach computational techniques crucial for success in academia and industry. It serves thousands of students each year with hundreds of teaching assistants. Students learn by solving problems in small groups and by running group projects; they learn in many languages, in an incredibly supportive environment. NMA offers two courses: Computational Neuroscience and Deep Learning.

The summer courses are intensive 3-week programs involving hands-on tutorials developed and taught by leading experts. Students are placed into TA-led groups of 10-20 students using the neuromatch algorithm, which matches students based on common interests, timezone and their preferred language. They receive personalized support as they work through hands-on tutorials and collaborate on course projects. There is a free alternative where students take the course as observers, have full access to the materials, access to NMA course communications, and can choose to be matched with other observer track students.

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