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June 30 / 2022
- December 31 / 2022
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North America
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Susan Teegan
Institution ArtWell Collaborative, Inc

Since 2000, ArtWell® programs have transformed the lives of more than 41,600 young people facing discrimination, poverty, violence, and the everyday challenges of growing up, in partnership with over 400 schools and community organizations. Through collaborations between local artists and young people, ArtWell fosters thriving, just and peaceful communities throughout the Philadelphia area.

Artwell Collaborative’s vision is to awaken creativity and spirit in individuals in order to foster thriving, just, and peaceful communities. They envision a future where Philadelphia schools and neighborhoods are safe sanctuaries that nurture creativity and innovation; where arts and creativity are seen as an essential means for learning, leading, and liberation. Youth are equipped to thrive, dream, and lead, and are seen and heard as engaged citizens and creators of change.

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