The Elders Foundation - Planning Grant
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April 15 / 2022
- April 14 / 2023
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Alistair Fernie
Institution The Elders Foundation

In line with the mandate from their Founder, Nelson Mandela, The Elders Foundation continues to address some of the most important existential questions impacting humanity as they develop a new strategic plan. The Elders are at a significant point in their history as they develop their 2023 to 2027 five-year strategic plan that incorporates a partnership with Templeton World Charity Foundation. Although the organization’s programmatic work may change in this new strategic period, the vision, mission, and values message of The Elders will remain consistent.

There will be three specific and separate components of the strategy work under the planning grant:

  1. Helping to establish how The Elders’ new programmatic strategies and plans can best utilize the Elders’ values, moral authority, leadership, and convening power to tackle seemingly intractable issues.
  2. Reviewing how The Elders communicate the concepts important to its members through their communications channels and events. How can compassion, reconciliation, justice, empathy, and hope be incorporated into The Elders’ programmatic messaging?
  3. Communicating the final strategy through their channels to raise the profile of the work and values of The Elders as they embark on a new five-year plan.

The Elders will use this grant to answer the following questions:

  • What are the most significant issues facing the world on which The Elders have engaged or could engage in the future?
  • Where can an organization like The Elders best direct its efforts?
  • What will be the main areas of focus for The Elders over the next five years?
  • How will The Elders achieve the most impact on these issues?
  • How will this impact be delivered?
  • What resources will be needed to deliver the strategy?
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