Inspiring Hope to Improve Maternal-Child Health Outcomes
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January 15 / 2022
- July 14 / 2023
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Character Virtue Development
North America
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Wendy Leonard
Institution TIP Global Health

Angele Bienvenue Ishimwe
Institution TIP Global Health

TIP Global Health believes that hope (characterized by interconnectedness, readiness for change, and future-oriented mindset) can play a critical role in effective primary care delivery by facilitating strong relationships between frontline health workers and patients, encouraging greater engagement in care, and improving the quality of care delivered.

Through this project TIP seeks to demonstrate that a ‘hope-optimized local health ecosystem’ will improve maternal and child health indices in Rwanda by optimizing the quality of care and maternal engagement in care. The study will be disseminated in publications, policy briefs, and public advocacy to influence national and international decision-makers. The findings will also be shared with frontline health workers and communities as an advocacy tool. If the hypothesis is proven, the research initiative has global implications that can revolutionize our approach to primary healthcare system design to achieve and sustain good health outcomes and contribute to thriving communities around the globe.

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