Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Consultant for the Global Innovations for Character Development Initiative
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January 1 / 2022
- December 31 / 2024
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Sourovi De
Institution Oxford Policy Management

Templeton World Charity Foundation (TWCF) has engaged Oxford Policy Management to carry out a series of evaluation, learning, and technical support activities for TWCF's Global Innovations for Character Development Initiative (GICD) between January 2022 and December 2024.

OPM's approach to the evaluation of the GICD initiative will be both formative (i.e., occurring mid-implementation to assess progress and provide recommendations), and theory-based (i.e., intended to evaluate results at each level of the theory of change [ToC] and to examine the extent to which the ToC is valid).

The evaluation questions will be structured around four concerns:

  • The extent to which progress is being made towards achieving the GICD objectives
  • The design and management of GICD as a whole
  • The design and management of individual grants
  • The design and management of communications, capacity, and community building activities.

The objectives of the learning approach are (1) to contribute to the TWCF’s internal learning on funding research in the character development space; and (2) to create external uptake of the research generated through the GICD program. The learning approach aims to use the evidence produced through the evaluation research activities to adapt existing programming and influence the planning and scope of future TWCF initiatives.

Finally, the technical assistance approach will use the development of the Stakeholder Engagement and Evidence Use Plan to plan for and potentially implement research uptake strategies.

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