Operation Each One Feed One
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September 30 / 2020
- March 31 / 2021
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The Bahamas
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Institution Hands For Hunger

Hands For Hunger is a humanitarian organization in The Bahamas committed to the elimination of unnecessary hunger and the reduction of food waste through the creation of meaningful and engaging partnerships formed amongst all sectors of the Bahamian community. The organization strives to inspire a shared sense of social and environmental responsibility amongst citizens, who, individually and collectively, come to realize the power of their own contributions. They do this by food rescue and distribution, education and other innovative solutions aimed at achieving national food security.

Their vision is a transformed Bahamas where everyone has access to three nutritious and fortifying meals each day; no one goes hungry; and the quality of our environment is enhanced. In 2019, Hands for Hunger helped provide a record 307,965 pounds of food to people facing food insecurity in New Providence. Thanks to supporters, people islandwide are receiving surplus food, canned goods, and fresh produce because of the work that the organization does, along with the partner agencies they serve.

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