​A Big Questions Approach to Managing Cultural Evolution in Latin America​
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August 23 / 2021
- August 22 / 2023
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South America
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David Sloan Wilson
Institution Prosocial World

This project builds upon a practical framework for managing cultural evolution called Prosocial World (PW), which is being implemented around the world with support from TWCF and other sources. PW combines a “bottom up” approach of working with single, functionally oriented groups with a “top down” approach of working with organizations in a position to empower groups, spread best practices along their respective social networks, and work with each other at still larger scales.

Based on a rubric developed in the UK, project director David Sloan Wilson, PW president, and PW cofounder Paul Atkins will adapt and deliver the PW approach through blended learning (in-person and online) courses to small teams representing participating TWCF-funded projects and other organizations working in Latin America. These teams will then work within their respective organizations and with other teams to implement PW in a diversity of contexts. The instructors and coaches of the training courses will be drawn from PW central training staff and Latin American partners.

The key output of this proposal will be the adaptation and refinement of a contextually appropriate training system in both Spanish and Portuguese.

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