Communication and Media Support to GICD Grantees
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Project Duration
July 29 / 2020
- July 28 / 2021
Core Funding Area
Character Virtue Development
North America
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Nebyat Ejigu
Institution Raey Media, LLC

The Global Innovations for Character Development (GICD) theme envisions a world where character development is recognized for enabling prosperity. Since 2018 GICD has supported twenty-eight grantees working on character development research and implementation projects worldwide.

While each of the projects presents innovative approaches to character development, there are missed opportunities in the following areas:

  • To make character development research/ projects easily accessible to the public
  • To highlight researchers, institutions, and character experts - especially those in low-middle income countries, Latin America, and the Caribbean.
  • To note TWCF’s support of innovative character projects
  • To create content that can be used as part of a more extensive repository for character development work
  • To present the outcomes of character research/ projects in a manner that may influence local/international policy.

Raey Media will work closely with ten GICD grantees (based in sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean) with the goal of improving each project’s profile and media presence such that their work is clearly displayed, engaging, and easily accessible to the public.

This project will create a content bank of images and videos for ten GICD grantees located in Africa / Caribbean to discuss their work and their progress. The footage will be high resolution and appropriately edited for use across social media platforms. It will be useful to both the grantee and TWCF in their communication efforts.

This project will provide templates to ensure that all ten GICD grantees have a solid and uniform social media presence with curated material, up-to-date information, and a professional layout to highlight the work of the actual grant, the project director, and the legal organization.

The experts involved in the project will provide support to ten grantees to ensure that they have a tailored and updated communication strategy to meet their individual communication goals.

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