Social Gamification & Interactive Media for Driving the Acquisition of Integrity by African Millennials
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October 21 / 2020
- December 30 / 2022
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Character Virtue Development
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Joseph Adegbesan
Institution Stratevium Foundation

According to the 2018 Corruption Perceptions Index Report by Transparency International, Nigeria is the 36th most corrupt country in the world. Indeed, in 2012, the co-founder of Transparency International estimated that over $400 billion of the country’s oil revenue had either been stolen or misappropriated since Nigeria’s independence in 1960. Meanwhile, internet fraud has become a prevalent practice among Nigerian youth and normalized by Nigerian pop stars like Naira Marley and entrepreneurs like Invictus Obi. 

Like many African countries, Nigeria is about to experience the demographic dividend of one of the largest populations of youth. This moment is the perfect opportunity to instill moral, civic, and intellectual virtues into this population with tools tailored to their needs. Dr. Joseph Adegbesan’s project aims to create an integrity-based program using virtual reality and interactive media.

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