Global Innovations for Character Development Platform​
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Project Duration
October 1 / 2019
- November 30 / 2020
Core Funding Area
Character Virtue Development
North America
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Professor Andrew Peterson
Institution The University of Birmingham

In March 2019, Templeton World Charity Foundation announced the first round of projects in Global Innovation for Character Development (GICD). Now, researchers at the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues will develop a new platform to support current and prospective GICD grantees. This platform will help Templeton World Charity Foundation continue to grow its portfolio of high-caliber scientific innovations that promote character strengths in diverse contexts worldwide. 

Led by Prof. Andrew Peterson, the project team brings together experts with a range of complementary skills. The new platform will connect GICD grantees and grant applicants with the Jubilee Centre’s international networks and vast resources. It will also give them access to key conceptual frameworks and cutting-edge research methods, and it will help them effectively prepare for scale and sustainability, amplifying the impact of GICD projects.

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