Character Formation and the Development of Leaders for Europe via Europaeum Scholarships ​
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September 16 / 2019
- November 30 / 2021
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Dr. Andrew Graham
Institution The Europaeum

The Europaeum will offer scholarships to create a morally aware cadre of nascent leaders committed to shaping the future of Europe for the better. These exceptional young people will possess not only strong leadership qualities but also the ability to work collaboratively.

The Europaeum is an association of sixteen of Europe’s best universities. It connects students and faculty in the humanities and social sciences between universities, and between the universities and European society. Led by Dr. Andrew Graham, this project will create a series of part-time, two-year intensive programs available only to the most outstanding doctoral students from these top universities.

Set within the context of contemporary Europe, the program will help participants develop skills, leadership, character qualities, and a deeper understanding of ethical issues. To achieve these goals, the curriculum will emphasize multidisciplinary teamwork, problem solving, and learning by doing.

Like Aristotle, the project team believes that good character formation is not just taught but learned by habit. With this in mind, the program will serve as the building blocks for an alumni network, which will sustain what the program has begun. By germinating the seeds planted by  program, the network will have a long-term impact will be greater than the sum of the effects on individual participants alumni.

Leadership by the best minds has potential benefits for all of humanity

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