‘How Knowledge Works’ in British Science and Religious Education: Considering the Impact of Big Questions in Classrooms​
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Project Duration
May 1 / 2021
- December 31 / 2023
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Big Questions
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Rosie McLeod
Institution New Philanthropy Capital

The goal of this project is to complete an evaluation assessing the collective impact of grants in the Big Questions in Classrooms (BQiC) initiative. Led by project director Rosie McLeod, this is the second of two grants New Philanthropy Capital has received from TWCF for this purpose. The work will establish how effective the funding approach has been in making progress towards and achieving its aims. It will seek to explain the contexts in which BQiC initiatives are most effective, and the mechanisms by which teacher, student and system outcomes are being realised. By identifying what works well and less well, for whom, and why, this evaluation work will contribute to grantees', TWCF’s, and wider stakeholders' understanding of this emergent field of research and practice.

As TWCF's learning partner on the BQiC initiative, the evaluators will also support TWCF's continued learning about how the foundation can best use evaluation to support the achievement of its mission.​

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