Global Partnerships for Advancing Character Program Evaluation (PACE Global)​
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September 1 / 2019
- November 30 / 2020
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Character Virtue Development
North America
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Jennifer Brown Urban
Institution Montclair State University

Every person has the potential to thrive. Despite the difficulties faced by many youth and adults living in low- and middle-income countries, character development programs can help them experience positive, sustained relationships. Such relationships give each person empowerment and opportunities to build their skillset (Lerner, 2006).

Led by Jennifer Brown Urban, the project team will create a Templeton World Charity Foundation Character Platform. Known as Global Partnerships for Advancing Character Program Evaluation (PACE Global), the platform is designed to immediately increase the capacity of potential grantees to evaluate, improve, defend, and seek funding for their programs.

Through consultation with evaluation capacity builders and character experts, PACE Global aims to strengthen the proposals of potential grantees in the Global Innovations for Character Development initiative. In the initial phase of the project, the team plans to lay the groundwork for PACE Global Phase 2 project. Together, these  phases will generate broader awareness of conceptual frameworks and cutting-edge research methods used in character development. They will also amplify the impact of funded projects and prepare them for scale and sustainability.

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