Turing Impossible Identity Protocol – A Blockchain-Based Identity Credential Centered around Human Validation​
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August 1 / 2019
- February 1 / 2020
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North America
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Santiago Siri
Institution Democracy Earth Foundation

As centralized networks demonstrate the risks associated with artificial intelligence, Democracy Earth considers it necessary to develop an proof of human identity that is secure and cannot be faked. Directed by Santiago Siri, this project aims to model a “one-human-one-node” graph that can be a source of legitimacy in governing digital networks.

The project will create the Turing Impossible Identity Protocol, so named for Turing Impossible Proofs (TIP) i.e., claims of humanity that can only be interpreted by fellow humans. Democracy Earth will operationalize the protocol on top of Sovereign, the foundation’s open-source social networking technology. 

As a distributed layer of trusted human credentials, the protocol will allow blockchain networks to serve new capacities such as digital democracies, free markets access, and other governance services. Those initiatives will foster human development by allowing for individual agency independent of the main current identity providers, i.e., nation states or major internet monopolies.

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