The VR Experience:​ (Super) Intelligence​
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April 1 / 2019
- September 1 / 2019
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North America
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Anthony Batt
Institution Wevr, Inc.

Can new kinds of intelligence—those on the cusp of altering our technological landscape—enhance our lives? Will the influence of virtual reality be positive or negative? What will artificial intelligence allow us to do that we can’t do now? How will it look and feel like for us to interact with a “new intellect”?

For the first time in human history, we are now actively contemplating these issues. Directed by Anthony Batt, this project aims to develop a creative, visual virtual reality (VR) experience that will explore these questions intellectually and emotionally.

The frontier of virtual reality presents a wealth of opportunities for scientific progress. In this project, the pioneering virtual reality company Wevr will develop a VR experience that makes the underlying capabilities of artificial intelligence accessible to everyone.

Behind the project is the animating impulse that the story of human–machine collaboration should not be told in a negative light. Instead, we can harness it as a tool for human flourishing.

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