Scaling Engagement in the Science of Consciousness and Power of Minds Projects
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October 15 / 2018
- March 15 / 2019
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North America
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Brie Linkenhoker
Institution Worldview Studio LLC

Founded by Dr. Brie Linkenhoker, Worldview Studio is embarking upon a landscape analysis and community-building project to develop a “Consciousness Primer.” This primer will provide interested scholars with a user-friendly introduction that identifies several of the current major theories of consciousness and provides interviews with their key proponents to make these theories more accessible. In addition, the Worldview Studio team will identify 4-5 potential research areas within the Power of Minds space that are optimal targets for further activity. These research topics may be primed for additional scale either through additional research or by more widespread dissemination of current findings.


  1. Consciousness Primer
  2. List of 4-5 research areas for further support and engagement
  3. Best practices for new research activity in the Power of Minds theme
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