Global AI Narratives: Reframing Current Artificial Intelligence Narratives through Fostering International Perspectives and Networks
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December 1 / 2018
- July 31 / 2021
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Kanta S. M. Dihal
Institution The Chancellor, Masters & Scholars of the University of Cambridge

While the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) will be dramatic across the globe, academic and public policy discourse concerning AI is dominated the United States and Europe. This is problematic because public perceptions of AI will largely determine how AI technology is developed, used, and regulated in different areas of the world. To create a more complete picture of how diverse cultures view the potential risks and benefits of AI, the Global AI Narratives (GAIN) project will collect and disseminate AI narratives from traditionally underrepresented regions.

GAIN builds upon the work of the AI Narratives Project, a 2017 joint initiative of the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence and the Royal Society. In previous work, the investigators found that the dominant Western Anglophone narratives tend to focus on anthropomorphised robots, ignoring the reality of the technology; limit representation to narrow demographic groups; and present excessive polarizing, distorting public policy debate. The GAIN project will move the conversation about AI beyond this limited vision by providing a platform for narratives that have the ability to diversify views on AI around the world.


  • A series of 10 regional workshops around the globe comprising scholars, communication practitioners, and artists;
  • Reports from each workshop aimed at local and global policymakers and media; and
  • High-impact academic articles and papers, including an academic collection on Global AI Narratives.
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