The Potential in All of Us: Identifying and Cultivating Genius at a Worldwide Scale
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Project Duration
September 17 / 2018
- September 16 / 2023
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Genetics and Genius
North America
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Po-Shen Loh
Institution Expii, Inc.

While the transformative power of genius is unquestionable, we do not have an effective, personalized strategies for finding exceptionally talented individuals around the world. We may be overlooking brilliant minds by restricting access to talent searches on the basis of geography, institutional affiliation, or the inability to pay for educational materials. To change this, Expii delivers rigorous free resources in science and math to students around the world on its user-friendly website. In addition to providing engaging lessons in science and math subjects, Expii also hosts challenges designed to identify and cultivate genius. Talent development is Expii’s core mission, and Expii leverages the proliferation of web and mobile technologies to democratize and personalize the process of educating and identifying potential geniuses.

Anyone with an internet connection can climb the ladder of knowledge, encountering optimal-difficulty-level problems in each topic. As students advance, Expii’s Grandmaster algorithm will track their performance, allowing for the identification of potential genius on a fine-grained, per-topic basis. This system has the potential to gain widespread adoption and ultimately reshape global talent development itself with a worldview that embraces extraordinary accomplishment in each individual. In this project, Expii aims to scale up its offerings and infrastructure with the ultimate goal of expanding its reach.


  • An expansion of the Expii website including:
    • A range of new content to nurture intellectual development
    • A new Grandmaster algorithm to identify potential geniuses based on their performance in Expii challenges
    • Updated, intuitive site design to provide a seamless user experience
  • A promotional campaign targeting a wide audience of prospective users

Success Metrics
The project’s effectiveness will be measured by tracking the number of unique visitors to the site and the Grandmaster scores of individual visitors. These scores will serve as indicators of each visitor’s cognitive and creative abilities.

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