Why Trust Scientific Experts? Addressing Science Skepticism Among Christians​
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August 15 / 2017
- July 30 / 2020
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North America
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Josh Andrew Reeves
Institution Samford University

This two-year project investigates the theological arguments behind the contemporary phenomenon of science skepticism among North American evangelical Christians. Skepticism about science has grown dramatically in this group, which comprises approximately 18 percent of the U.S. population according to a 2014 Pew Research Center study. Such distrust of science within a group of this size and influence impedes the widespread acceptance of information gained through the scientific inquiry because it casts doubt on the reliability and trustworthiness of the people and practices that are central to the production of new findings.

While other investigators are studying the psychological reasons behind science skepticism, Josh Reeves will focus on identifying and understanding the specifically Christian reasons that Christians give for distrusting experts in scientific fields.

Specifically, the project team will design a respectful, responsive set of criteria to help Christians discern and draw on true scientific expertise in those situations in which it is appropriate—or even necessary—for them to do so. Such resources will provide invaluable aid to both Christian thought leaders who have deep concerns about the trustworthiness of modern science and to academics, educators, and pastors who themselves accept the expertise of scientists but who wish to understand and address religiously-motivated science skepticism among others.


Reeves will present his examination of the often-fraught relationship between Christians and scientific experts and offer his recommendations for improving that relationship in the following forms:

  • A book
  • Four popular articles
  • A whitepaper
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