Developing Spirituality and Character in the Community of St. Anselm
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September 1 / 2016
- August 31 / 2017
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Character Virtue Development
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Rev. Anders Litzell
Institution The Lambeth Partnership

This grant will support the Community of St Anselm, which invites young adults around the world to “spend a year in God’s time.” The purpose of the Community is threefold: 
1) Giving members opportunities for character formation and Christian transformation;
2) Rejuvenating the church through an increased focus in prayer;
3) Commissioning members to return to their countries and workplaces to transform culture through submission to God and servant leadership. 
For a year, community members reside at Lambeth Palace to pray and support the ministry of the Archbishop, serve the poor in London, and study theology, ethics, and the Bible. Formed by Archbishop Justin Welby in 2015, the Community currently has 16 residential members residing at Lambeth Palace, and 20 non-residential members from London who participate in the evenings and weekends. 

Although there are no formal selection criteria other than age (20–35), members are selected for the following qualities: 
a) Effective communication;
b) Potential to become game-changers in their own countries and in secular institutions;
c) Openness to ecumenical engagement;
d) Desire to live in and learn from a quasi-monastic community. 

The Community is under the direct authority of its Abbot, the Archbishop; it is led by the Prior, Rev. Anders Litzell, with support from other members of Lambeth Palace. Grounded in ecumenism, the Community provides residence to members of the Catholic monastic community Chemin Neuf in addition to the young adult members. 

As the Community continues, the precise model of the formation program is being honed and refined. The long-term goal for the program is to not only grow the Community at Lambeth Palace but also create new communities around the world. At present, the Community is largely funded by private donations to Lambeth Partnership. Support from TWCF will contribute to the costs of running the Community, including providing honoraria to external speakers, bursaries for community members who may not otherwise be able to cover the costs associated with the program, bursaries for staff members of the Chemin Neuf community, and the provision of administrative and learning resources.

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