CSCA: Local Chapters Project
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December 29 / 2015
- December 28 / 2018
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North America
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Arnold Eric Sikkema
Institution Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation Inc.

The CSCA Local Chapters project seeks to promote open-minded discussion within Canada about science and faith. Canada has a relatively small population living in a vast geographical landscape. Thus, the country faces unique challenges for disseminating high-quality information. We will, seek to enhance the national conversation, either by strengthening local discussions, or by facilitating interaction between different groups. Anticipated outputs include the following:

•    The creation of 6 new local chapters
•    54 total local events
•    1 national lecture tour
•    1 major international conference
•    3 academic publications
•    A vibrant online presence with an overhauled website and social media content
•    15 student scholarships
•    36 “mentorship dinners” for students, each hosted by a CSCA member
•    Press releases
•    Brochures

The intended audience is, in the first instance, students and professional scientists interested in the intersection between science and faith – and in particular the Christian faith. We also aim to reach the Canadian public as a broader audience. We hope to promote complementary views of science and Christian belief among participants, growth for students in conversations about science and religion, academic interest in the particularities of the Canadian science and religion context, and long-term sustainability in the local chapters.

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