Divine Immanence and Transcendence: How Contemporary Science can renew the Question of Divine Transcendence and Immanence in Creation
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December 29 / 2015
- December 4 / 2018
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Rev. Pr. Thierry Magnin
Institution Universite Catholique de Lyon

The Catholic University of Lyon is one of five Catholic universities in France. It is located in the heart of the city of Lyon, with 9,000 students spread among its five academic disciplines: science, literature, philosophy, theology, and law. The Chair of Science and Religion (CSR), held at the University by Fr Professor Thierry Magnin, is unique in France. Within French discourse, the expression "Transcendence and Immanence of God in the World" is seen as paradoxical. The conflicting notions of radical distance and loving presence that are represented by this expression, particularly in relation to understanding the nature and form of creation in its scientific sense, are seen as irreconcilable.

This project aims to change the "big picture" of the Christian theology of creation in France, which has tended to place greater emphasis on the nature of transcendence than on immanence. In so doing the project also aims to modify the nature of the discourse involving science and religion in France with a particular emphasis on the theology of creation.The main project activities will focus on research with outputs and impact measured by the organization of conferences and the delivery of their proceedings in the form of articles and books for publication, internal and external seminars, videos and public lectures. Longer-term project outcomes and the further dissemination of knowledge will involve the development of a new curriculum and courses within the university, resulting in academic degrees in the joint disciplines of Science and Religion.

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