Kenya Christian and Scientific Affiliation (KCSA): Facilitating Synergetic Interaction between Science and Christian Faith
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February 1 / 2016
- January 31 / 2019
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Francis Wamakima Muregi
Institution Mount Kenya University

Africa is at a three-way crossroads of culture, religion, and modern education (including science). Both scientists and a largely religious population often perceive these narratives as being in conflict. Kenya has a high proportion of practicing Christians, but little enthusiasm exists for engaging with science as a complimentary resource for helping humanity thrive.

Kenya Christian and Scientific Affiliation (KCSA) will be established to help bring together people of faith (and Christians in particular) who are scientists (and those interested in science) to explore how interactions between faith and science in the African context can best synergize each other. We will address issues related to cultural practices and traditional beliefs within the context of religious and scientific principles. We will also explore how science can be harnessed as a tool/gift to contribute to the good of Kenyan communities.

KCSA will reach out to support university faculty members, researchers, and postgraduate students. We aim to build KCSA organizational structure and infrastructural capacity as well as the capacity of its members with the ultimate object of promoting the constructive contribution of science to faith. This will contribute to an integrated and synergetic interaction between the two for societal harmony and development.

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