Faith and Science Collaborative Research Forum
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December 1 / 2015
- November 30 / 2018
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Pauline Chiu
Institution The University of Hong Kong

Sir John Templeton believed that creative dialogue between science and religion was highly beneficial to all participants in the discussion, as well as to wider society. He also believed this would require much effort and humility from both sides. One prerequisite of such a pursuit is that scientists are willing and able to enter into such dialogue. Hong Kong's research universities host world-class scientists and engineers, but the culture within the academy rarely supports engagement between science and spirituality. 

The Faith and Science Collaborative Research Forum will take steps to raise the bar of constructive engagement between faith and the academic disciplines of science and engineering in Hong Kong. Firstly, we will equip academic scientists and engineers with the mental tools – including the theological and philosophical grounding – necessary to rigorously consider the issues at hand in an informed manner. Secondly, we will support them in applying the skills and insights gained to their academic work.

To achieve these aims, the Forum will address graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and university faculty from a range of scientific and engineering disciplines, through discussions, workshops, and conferences, as well as a mentorship program. We hope these activities will precipitate a continuing culture among world-class scientists in Hong Kong which fosters careful, rigorous, humble engagement between their respective academic disciplines and religion. Research on range of scientific, technical, and social issues facing Hong Kong may then be able to reap the benefit of fresh perspectives provided by spiritual insights.

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