Developing and Implementation of a Teaching Unit on Modern Science and Orthodox Jewish Faith
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July 7 / 2015
- August 31 / 2017
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Middle East
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Nathan Aviezer
Institution Bar-Ilan University

The aim of the project is to educate students in Orthodox Jewish high schools regarding the relationship between science and faith. There currently exists a widespread misconception in these schools that a conflict exists between science and Jewish faith. We believe that this misconception can be eliminated by preparing a suitable high school teaching unit on science and faith. The pressing need for eliminating this misconception is that Orthodox Jewish high school students are often puzzled and disturbed by the perceived challenges of science to their faith. 

The output generated by this project will be a teaching unit composed of six modules, each of which will provide four hours of student activity over two weeks. The modules will utilize the interactive computer technology that characterizes the modern classroom. The teaching unit will cover all aspects of the relationship between science and faith, with emphasis on the creation of the universe and the subject of evolution, both the evolution of the animal kingdom as well as the evolution of man. The clarification of these issues will help students integrate a faith-based position with a full embrace of scientific thinking. 

This project will help students understand that faith in God and accepting the truth of the Torah does not require the abandonment of rational thinking. Students will see how modern science imparts new insights into their ancient faith and that scientific knowledge does not threaten religious belief. The teaching unit has already received the written support of five Orthodox Jewish high schools, expressing their interest in implementing it. In the longer run, the teaching unit will enable students to develop into adults who comfortably integrate religious faith and general knowledge. This integration will produce people who are less prone to dogmatic thinking and more likely to take part in the advancement of knowledge and truth-seeking in all areas.

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