ABC2: Proposal for Establishment and Full Implementation of the Brazilian Association of Christians in Science
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March 20 / 2015
- March 19 / 2018
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South America
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Roberto Covolan
Institution Associação Kuyper para Estudos Transdisciplinares (AKET)

ABC2 stands for Associação Brasileira de Cristãos na Ciência, which in English is Brazilian Association of Christians in Science. Currently, Brazilian society has very limited means to conduct a continued thoughtful discussion of contemporary issues involving faith and science. This project aims to construct a bridge between the scientific milieu and the Christian community in Brazil through the creation of the ABC2, with the mission of establishing conditions for a sustained, creative and high-level dialogue between the fields of Christian faith and science, to the benefit of the Brazilian culture and society in general.

The project comprises three interconnected initiatives: (1) Networking: strategic visits to people and institutions in the main Brazilian cities and a series of public events planned to reach a wider audience and especially Christians interested in science; (2) Engagement: engaging activities designed to assembly, network and empower people both in science and in ministry, aiming at establishing local leaders for ABC2; (3) Content: editorial and media initiatives designed to bring high-quality information to specialized and general public.

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