SAT-7 KIDS: Developing Character in Arab Youth through a Television and Media Campaign
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August 1 / 2014
- July 31 / 2017
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Character Virtue Development
Middle East
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Terence Ascott
Institution SAT-7 International

Sir John had a profound sense of the importance of character development. The shaping of character starts young. The aim of this project or media campaign is to develop and broadcast new television resources all aimed at character development amongst Arab youth. Since the 1970's, television has become the primary way in which Arabic speakers have accessed news, information, and entertainment. As in many parts of the world, television is often used to provide a distraction from many of life's problems, and help keep the family's youth from spending too much time outside the home.

SAT-7 KIDS is a satellite television channel that currently has an independently measured viewing audience of at least 9 million young people, excluding the many parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents and older siblings that are watching with them. Building on the trust that SAT-7 has developed with these Arab families, the network plans to demonstrate (through some 32 focus groups involving 640 youth in 3 different Arab Countries) that the characters (attitudes, opinions, interests, values and behavior) of the next generation can be shaped by good television – to ensure that the very best values in Arab culture are preserved and that the next generation of Middle Easterners have a better chance of fully manifesting the character traits held dear by millions around the world. 

To this end, SAT-7 proposes a media campaign involving the production and broadcast of a series of new, original television programs or program segments which, together with carefully chosen additional acquired programs, is specifically designed to help develop character in its younger audiences; something which will help shape the next generation in the Arab World, and in turn profoundly and positively impact their societies. 

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