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March 24 / 2014
- June 23 / 2015
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Anthony Norman Tew
Institution Grenville Educational Media Limited

Our project is to produce a 120 minute dramatic film telling the story of Michael Faraday, the scientific genius who unlocked the secrets of electricity and whose exploration of the natural world was inspired by his belief in the rationality and goodness of God. The project addresses the growing misconception in contemporary culture that religious beliefs and the pursuit of scientific enquiry are incompatible.

Michael Faraday was the inventor of the electric dynamo, father of the ‘Age of Electricity’, and proponent of Field Theory. He was arguably the greatest experimental scientist of the last two hundred years, and according to Einstein, made the ‘greatest change in our perception of reality.’ Michael Faraday had a profound belief in God, and this project concerns itself not only with the possible compatibility of faith and science at the highest level, but also the more far-reaching question: ‘Can a belief in God, so far from being an impediment to scientific integrity, be a benefit to science?’

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