Exploring Minds
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March 1 / 2015
- March 31 / 2016
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David George Strachan
Institution Tern Television Productions Limited

How and why is there order in the Universe? Is life chance? What does human consciousness amount to? What is the origin of ethics? What is the basis of morality? How does religion relate to science? 

Exploring Minds is a landmark series of three films that will take into the popular domain a new understanding of the relationship between science and religion. The films will be aimed at national UK and worldwide television channels, and then made available on key websites and on DVD.

We will also commission, from the science and religion department of Edinburgh University’s Divinity Faculty, a study of the level of comment and interaction on conventional and social electronic media, before and after the UK transmission, in order to assess the reaction. Potential enduring impact will be a change to a much more open and positive understanding in popular media and in the general population of the roles of science and religion in interpreting the great unknowns of life. 

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