Pompey Museum
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March 13 / 2012
- March 29 / 2015
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Individual Freedom and Free Markets
The Bahamas
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Kim Outten Stubbs
Institution Pompey Museum, The National Museum of The Bahamas

The National Museum of The Bahamas, Antiquities, Monuments and Museums Corporation aim to enhance the visitor experience at the Pompey Museum of Slavery and Emancipation, by improving the interpretative exhibition and educational programs on slavery, and its expansion in modern society.

We will develop an exhibition which addresses the peculiarities of universal slavery while revealing the unique character of the stories of slavery in The Bahamas. We will also expand the educational program with learning materials, including a series of booklets and a traveling version of the exhibition. This project will initiate professional development over two years for researchers, museum technicians, and education staff; also for new recruits in exhibit fabrication, installation, and graphic arts. 

We hope this project will heighten awareness of the atrocities of slavery and the diversity in society while promoting the message of freedom. It also has potential to inform more people about Bahamian identity and the ongoing preservation of freedom, create a high quality interpretative and interactive exhibit,  provide learning materials for students and teachers, and increase public awareness about the museum. 

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