Religion and Worldviews in the Classroom. Syllabus Building: Principles, Tools, and Exemplification​

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  • Project Duration:

    March 1, 2021 - February 28, 2024

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    Big Questions

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    Big Questions in Classrooms

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Director: Trevor Cooling

Institution: The Religious Education Council of England and Wales

In 2018, the national independent Commission on Religious Education issued a number of recommendations to strengthen religious education (RE) across English and Welsh schools. One of its central goals is introducing the concept of worldviews into RE and developing a range of programs of study to bring this concept into the classroom.

Building upon a previous work on the academic and conceptual underpinnings of the concept of worldviews, this project aims to provide practical clarity to the concept for teachers and other practitioners. It will provide syllabus writers with principles, guidelines, standards, and examples that enable them to develop new RE syllabuses and introduce this new approach in RE into school curricula and day-to-day classroom practice.

With this project's outputs, RE can give classroom educators the tools to explore and teach religion and worldviews. This new paradigm adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to help students think about how knowledge works and how worldviews—both theirs and others’—shape human responses to big questions.


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