Character Day Bahamas

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    May 1, 2023 - April 30, 2026

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    Character Virtue Development

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    The Bahamas

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Director: Sonia Brown

Institution: Providing Access to Continued Education (PACE) Foundation

With a vision of bringing about societal transformation one person at a time through the enhancement of knowledge, skills, and practice surrounding character education, PACE Foundation hosts Character Day Bahamas. The primary goal is to engage the public in conversation that promotes positive action and strengthens society. For the past seven years, opportunities for national dialogue have been created through Character Day, an international initiative formulated by Let it Ripple, a Los Angeles-based film and idea studio with support from the John Templeton Foundation and other partners.

As an annual global initiative Character Day brought together millions of people from all aspects of society, schools, businesses, homes, religious organizations, and community groups. The Bahamas joined the movement in 2016. Although the Let it Ripple program has ended, PACE Bahamas continues to host this annual activity and has made it locally relevant, conducted by local experts and presented to suit the Bahamian context. Character Day is now an eagerly anticipated staple in the education community and the newly established Hidden Heroes campaign is gaining traction in the public sphere.

In 2020, PACE received a grant from Templeton World Charity Foundation to support Character Day initiatives throughout the Bahamas. This new funding will continue and expand the work by including a project evaluation by way of tracking participants and collecting survey data, engagement of Family Island representatives to expand the reach of Character Day outside of the capital (Nassau), and the piloting of a year long “Character Education" curriculum in local primary schools.


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