Open Research Resources

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How to report grant-related outputs

During grant proposal submission, use the Output tool in Fluxx to register all expected outputs, including research articles, preprints, datasets, software/code, protocols, and research resources (lab materials, tools, media, conference presentations, other events, templates and schemas).

As the work progresses, log any changes to expected output generation, progress, and deliverables through your update or progress reports. Note when and where outputs have been shared. 

When to publicly share

The following questions are helpful when considering whether to share a research output publicly:

  1. Reproducibility: What research outputs are needed for other researchers to reproduce the work?
  2. Reuse: Could the dataset or other output be useful to others irrespective of your own published work? Could it be reused in the work of others?
  3. Recognition: Are important contributions from colleagues and collaborators tied to outputs that might otherwise not be recognized or discovered?

Conversely, consider if the sharing of an output, such as patient data, could negatively impact others and err on the side of caution. 

How to publicly share

Outputs belong in suitable repositories. The following attributes determine a repository’s suitability:

  1. It enables immediate access to the output without paywalls or barriers and is not a commercial repository that can be sold
  2. It allows the assignment of licenses no more restrictive than Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License (CC BY 4.0), or, for code, an open source license such as MIT.
  3. It ensures perpetual ownership to the person or persons submitting it and does not retain any rights over the outputs
  4. It assigns your output with a persistent and unique identifier, such as a DOI (digital object identifier) or Accession number to facilitate linking and citation
  5. It provides long-term storage and preservation with reasonable assurances of sustainable funding and support

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