Oct 24, 2022

Winners for the World’s Best School Prize Announced from T4 Education

T4 Education and its partners including Templeton World Charity Foundation, congratulate Project Shelter Wakadogo in Gulu, Uganda as Winner of the World's Best School Prize for Overcoming Adversity.

By Templeton Staff

Project Shelter Wakadogo in Gulu, Uganda, is winner of the World’s Best School Prize for Overcoming Adversity. The school was founded in the wake of civil war, and now educates and provides free meals and healthcare for over 450 children. Its unique approach attends to the needs of each individual student and has helped it maintain one of the highest student retention rates in the country.

“This community is so resilient. When there are problems, we come together. We discuss the way forward, and we find a solution,” says Odong Charles Kigundi, Head Teacher at Wakadogo School. Watch the above video to hear more from teachers and students about the transformative experiences they've had at Wakadogo.

Templeton World Charity Foundation is one of T4 Education's partners in The World's Best School Prizes. The prize recognizes and celebrates exemplary schools that, in the shadow of the pandemic, have demonstrated powerful and inspiring initiatives, transforming the lives of their students and their communities. The $250,000 prize fund will be equally shared among the winning five schools from across the globe in 2022. There are five categories within the prize: 

Community Collaboration Schools integratively working with their communities to secure solid grounds for children’s progress.

Environmental Action  Schools engaging with solutions for global warming and climate crisis.

Innovation Schools breaking from tradition to accelerate progress and improve education by ‘leapfrogging’ innovative approaches.

Overcoming Adversity Schools strengthening their students while succeeding in powering through challenges.

Supporting Healthy Lives Schools providing the opportunity for their students and community to live healthily in an integrated and sustainable way.

Watch videos and learn more about all 5 winners here. Teachers and educators are invited to download School Transformation Toolkits with the T4 Communities app, for a closer look into how the winning schools developed their expertise, as well as step-by-step guides for replicating their processes.