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Jan 30, 2024

Templeton World Charity Foundation Announces Tina Cambridge as President & COO

By Templeton Staff

Nassau, The Bahamas (January 30, 2024)

Templeton World Charity Foundation (TWCF) announces that COO Tina Cambridge has been appointed as President and COO of the organization.

Ms. Cambridge holds all the authority and responsibilities of the president’s office, while continuing the initiatives that are core to TWCF’s current strategic plan. In addition to the design and implementation of operations, human resource and financial processes, Cambridge will oversee program and grant development while supporting TWCF’s Board of Trustees. Her expertise in regulatory, administrative and business functions will further strengthen the foundation’s impact as a global funder of innovations for human flourishing.

“Since joining the foundation, Tina has played a critical role in driving efficiencies and building capacities at TWCF. She has supported the team during significant milestones and transitions with insight and innovation. We are pleased that she is in the role of president and look forward to her continued guidance on the operational and strategic direction of the foundation,” said Jeffrey Dill, Chairman TWCF Board of Trustees.

Tina has honed her organizational management expertise for more than 35 years as an industry leader, most recently having led and developed the Caribbean operations for one of the world’s leading Insurers, Generali Worldwide. She received a law degree with honors from the University Wolverhampton, as well as a certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution from the University of Windsor. She has been designated a Certified Manager by the Institute of Certified Professional Managers and maintains an Association with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Tina was appointed a Justice of the Peace for the Commonwealth of the Bahamas under the Magistrate’s Act by order of the Governor General in 2017.

"I am grateful to accept the appointment as President of TWCF, an organization whose mission to fund interdisciplinary research on what it means to be human, has global impact. My aim in leading the foundation is to strengthen the foundation’s operational structure with a view of achieving our long-term strategic goals. Along with our team of diverse and dedicated professionals, we seek to ensure Sir John Templeton’s vision of building an entity that will serve his expressed purposes for well over the next 100 years,” said Cambridge.

Cambridge is the first Bahamian woman to lead the foundation.


View Tina Cambridge's bio here.

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