Jul 27, 2022

Templeton World Charity Foundation Announces Recently Awarded Accelerating Research on Consciousness (ARC) Grants

The Foundation continues to fund leading-edge research in the bourgeoning field of the neuroscientific study of consciousness.

By Templeton Staff

Through its Accelerating Research on Consciousness (ARC) Priority, Templeton World Charity Foundation (TWCF) supports the scientific investigation of consciousness as a key to advancing understanding of human nature and what encourages us to flourish. Consciousness is a foundational concept at the center of the human experience and our interaction with the world, yet there is little agreement in the research community on what anatomical structures and physiological functions produce it. Drawing on best practices in open science and adversarial collaboration, ARC has been promoting open and rigorous engagement among leaders of opposing theories of consciousness.

As part of its ARC Priority, the Foundation has awarded new grants to research teams seeking to generate novel evidence to substantially oppose or support existing theories of consciousness; or to develop new scientific tools and frameworks for studying consciousness.

We are pleased to announce the following recent recipients.*
Visit each project to learn more about the research funded.

Project Title: Identifying brain areas and cell types critical for conscious vision
Director: Nikhil Bhatla
Co-Director: Hillel Adesnik
Institution: University of California, Berkeley
Amount awarded: $230,000 USD

Project Title: Identifying the neural mechanisms of loss of consciousness during sleep using intracranial recordings in humans
Director: Melanie Boly
Institution: University of Wisconsin
Amount awarded: $230,000 USD

Project Title: Is Consciousness Necessary for Action Initiation?
Director: Uri Maoz
Institution: Chapman University
Amount awarded: $229,899 USD

Project Title: The circuit mechanisms of visual consciousness: experimentally testing contrasting predictions of theories of consciousness
Director: Umberto Olcese
Co-Director: Timo Stein
Institution: University of Amsterdam
Amount awarded: $229,985 USD

Project Title: Investigating the contribution of different cortical areas and layers to consciousness and its signatures
Director: Chiara Cirelli
Institution: University of Wisconsin
Amount awarded: $230,000 USD

Project Title: Determine the Impact of Stimulus Ambiguity on Neural Mechanisms of Conscious Perception
Director: Biyu He
Institution: New York University Grossman School of Medicine
Amount awarded: $230,000 USD

Project Title: Triangulating Neural Correlates of Consciousness
Director: Michael Pitts
Institution: Reed College
Amount awarded: $230,000 USD

Project Title: Bifurcation Dynamics in a No-Report Paradigm
Director: Michael Pitts
Institution: Reed College
Co-Director: Michael Cohen
Institution: Amherst College
Amount awarded: $229,031 USD

*Please note: This list will update soon. Some of the applications we approved are still in the contracting stage. Stay tuned for more!

Accelerating Research on Consciousness (ARC) seeks to advance the science of consciousness by promoting adversarial collaboration and open science practices. Learn more about ARC.