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Aug 8, 2021

Stories of Impact Podcast Season 3: Citizenship

Leading scholars discuss how to navigate civic values in this digitally networked age.

By Templeton Staff

Season 3 of the Stories of Impact podcast explores the timely and vital question of what it means to be a citizen in a networked age. Leading scholars discuss how new technology is affecting contemporary citizenship and offer insight on how we might shape our societal values in this new digitally networked age. Topics covered include listening as a civic virtue, privacy, democratic vs algorithmic decision-making, and more.

Learn about the TWCF-funded report related to this podcast season’s theme.

Season 3: Citizenship Episode Guide

An Agenda for Rebuilding Our Civic Ideals with Dr. Andrew Briggs and Dr. Dominic Burbidge

Citizenship in a Networked Age with Vint Cerf, Nuala O’Connor, & Michael Wear

Building Common Purpose with Sir Paul Collier

The Ethics of Communication with Dr. Onora O’Neill

The Politics of Social Cohesion with Dr. Colin Mayer

Upholding Democratic Values in the Internet Age with Dr. David O’Brien

Listening as an Antidote to a Zero-Sum Outlook with Dr. Filippo Trevisan

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