Jul 12, 2021

Social Cognition in Autism with Dr. Sue Fletcher-Watson and Dr. Catherine Crompton (podcast)

Research shines new light on the comfort and confidence autistic people experience in communication and community with other neurodivergent people.

By Templeton Staff

Dr. Sue Fletcher-Watson, and her colleague, Dr. Catherine Crompton are conducting groundbreaking research examining the social cognition of autism.

Their research shines new light on the comfort and confidence that autistic people can experience in communication and community with other neurodivergent people, and how everyone benefits when autistic people’s needs are supported. 

In this conversation, three participants in the doctors’ research discuss their own experiences as autistic people in a world designed for and by the non-autistic.

This project presents a bold re-conceptualization of intelligence within a framework of neurodiversity, answering what the benefit to every person might be if we deepen our understanding of the wide variety of intelligences of human beings.

This podcast episode received two Awards of Distinction in the 27th Annual Communicator Awards, one for "Storytelling in a Podcast" and one in "Science / Medicine in a Podcast." It has also won a 2021 Silver Davey Award.

Discover the video version of this episode.

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Read the transcript from the interview conducted by journalist Richard Sergay, presented by podcast producer Tavia Gilbert. Featuring: Dr. Sue Fletcher-Watson, developmental psychologist, Director of the Salvesen Mindroom Centre at the University of Edinburgh and founder of DART research site; Dr. Catherine Crompton, neuropsychologist and Chancellors Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences.

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