HF Conference1200
Nov 29, 2022

Methods & Measurements for Human Flourishing

By Templeton Staff

This session explores different methods for measuring human flourishing amid modern challenges and adversity, with a focus on how we can generate better data to gain more explanatory power about what it means to flourish for individuals and communities in vastly different contexts.

Play the above video to hear Methods and Measurements for Human Flourishing, a segment from The First Global Scientific Conference on Human Flourishing, organized by Templeton World Charity Foundation.

Jon Clifton, CEO, Gallup
Meike Bartels, Professor In Genetics and Wellbeing, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Antonella Delle Fave, Professor of Psychology, University of Milano, Italy
Tom Griffiths, Professor of Psychology and Computer Science, Princeton University
Julian Thayer, Emeritus Professor, The Ohio State University

Moderated by:
Milica Momcilovic, President, World Federation of Science Journalists

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