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Aug 7, 2021

Introducing the new Stories of Impact Podcast, Sir John Templeton & TWCF with Dr. Andrew Serazin (podcast)

Curiosity is the essence of the Stories of Impact podcast, and Sir John Templeton’s legacy is the inspiration.

By Templeton Staff

Stories of Impact podcast offers conversation about the newest scientific research on human flourishing and how those discoveries can be translated into practical tools. The podcast builds on the success of veteran journalist Richard Sergay’s award-winning Stories of Impact video series, and is produced by writer and performer Tavia Gilbert.

One of the driving forces behind both the Stories of Impact video series and the accompanying podcast is researcher, entrepreneur, and executive Andrew Serazin, Doctor of Philosophy. Dr. Serazin is President of Templeton World Charity Foundation, and is responsible for advancing the philanthropic philosophy of Sir John Templeton, who believed that scientific exploration and humanity’s perpetual search for meaning, purpose, and truth go hand in hand with science.

This inaugural episode features an in-depth discussion with Dr. Serazin about the legacy of Sir John Templeton’s vision and how it corresponds to Dr. Serazin’s own work as well as TWCF’s current strategy. 
By sharing the stories behind TWCF-funded research projects, the series aims to cultivate relationship with and spark curiosity in early-stage thinkers, innovators, and problem-solvers, and have an impact on a new generation of thinking.

Read the transcript from the interview conducted by journalist Richard Sergay, presented by podcast producer Tavia Gilbert. Featuring: Dr. Andrew Serazin, President of Templeton World Charity Foundation.

Built upon the award-winning video series of the same name, Templeton World Charity Foundation’s “Stories of Impact” podcast features stories of new scientific research on human flourishing that translate discoveries into practical tools. Bringing a mix of curiosity, compassion, and creativity, journalist Richard Sergay and host Tavia Gilbert shine a spotlight on the human impact at the heart of cutting-edge social and scientific research projects supported by TWCF.