HF Conference1200
Nov 30, 2022

Human Flourishing at the Heart of Policy

A panel explores how we might improve public policy through research working to broaden understanding of flourishing.

By Templeton Staff

As research to broaden understanding of flourishing in diverse contexts expands, so does its potential to impact our shared future. At Templeton World Charity Foundation’s Global Scientific Conference on Human Flourishing, a panel moderated by Laura Helmuth of Scientific American, discussed leveraging research findings and applications to impact short- and long-term public policy. The conversation explored different schools of thought on how a holistic approach to policymaking can set the stage for flourishing. A range of factors to be considered were highlighted, including culture, community, sustainability, and systemic change.

Play the above video about Human Flourishing at the Heart of Policy, a segment from The First Global Scientific Conference on Human Flourishing, organized by Templeton World Charity Foundation.

David Goodhart, Dept. Head, Policy Exchange
Jan Artem Henrikkson, CEO of the Inner Development Goals Initiative
Carlos Largacha-Martínez, Prof., Universitaria del Área Andina, Bogotá; Colombia Dir. at Swiss Humanistic Management Network
Mpasa Mwaya, Mayor of Kitwe, Zambia
Parth Shah, Co-Founder & Director, Indian School of Public Policy
Ari Wallach, Founder & Executive Director, Longpath
Thierry Watrin, Green Economy Advisor to the Minister of State, Rwanda

Moderated by:
Laura Helmuth, Editor-in-Chief, Scientific American

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