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Nov 29, 2023

How Can Artificial Intelligence Enable Scientific & Social Progress in Human Flourishing? (video)

Panelists discuss the promise and pitfalls of AI.

By Templeton Staff

Watch this video for a panel discussion on the promise and pitfalls of artificial intelligence (AI).

Templeton World Charity Foundation's Global Flourishing Conference showcases the latest and most meaningful scientific advances in understanding how humans flourish across cultures, alongside innovative new tools and strategies that can foster greater flourishing.

This session explored how artificial intelligence (AI) can enable scientific discovery to promote human flourishing. AI can extend the human capacity for creativity, efficiency, and optimization. However, it can potentially diminish flourishing through social control, loss of cultural diversity, and environmental harm. In this context, panelists explored the promises and pitfalls of AI. 

Play the above video to learn "How Can Artificial Intelligence Enable Scientific & Social Progress in Human Flourishing?"

Featured speakers:
Melanie Mitchell, Professor, Science Board Co-chair & Science Steering Committee, Santa Fe Institute
David G. Robinson, Head of Policy Planning, OpenAI 
Nipun Mehta, Founder, ServiceSpace

With a 'Flourishing in Action' spotlight story from John C. Mack, Founder of the Life Calling Initiative

Lucas Wittmann, Editorial Director, TIME Magazine

Hosted by broadcasting journalist, Redi Tlhabi.

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