HF Conference1200
Nov 30, 2022

Finding Beauty and Purpose to Flourish

By Templeton Staff

In this session, the relationships between beauty, transcendence, art, and the human mind are explored within the pursuit of human flourishing amid modern challenges and adversity. Speakers delve into questions of: how does the perception of beauty and art affect our brains? What can the sciences tell us about experiences of beauty and the transcendent in the natural world, in cultural spaces, and in the sciences as we find purpose to survive, thrive and contribute?

Play the above video to hear Finding Beauty and Purpose to Flourish, a segment from The First Global Scientific Conference on Human Flourishing, organized by Templeton World Charity Foundation.

Katherine Cotter, Associate Director of Research, Humanities and Human Flourishing Project, University Of Pennsylvania
Frank Wilczek, Professor of Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Live performance by ELEW, American Jazz Pianist

Moderated by:
Philip Ball, Science Writer

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