The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence with Rt. Revd. Dr. Steven Croft (video)

By Templeton Staff
July 26, 2021
Does AI hinder or help advance human flourishing?

Rt. Revd. Dr. Steven Croft is one of the bishops that sit in the House of Lords in the United Kingdom and a member of the Select Committee of Artificial Intelligence. He’s seeking to strike a balance between innovation and ethics where progress is not hindered but human interests are thoughtfully preserved.

Croft believes that unregulated AI may be a present danger to the flourishing of human life. “Human flourishing to me means to have conditions in which human beings live creatively, purposely, and well. Form good relationships founded on the principles of justice, fairness, and equity. Able to work and get a return for their living. And practice freedom of faith.”

Artificial Intelligence is helping to make better decisions in the health sector, and financial markets. It’s expected to reduce much of the toil of the human workforce. The questions moving forward concern how to reorganize society with new jobs for humans. Croft warns, “These are profoundly helpful tools for the future of humanity. But they must remain tools which humans govern, control, and direct.”

Highlights from this installment of our award-winning “Stories of Impact” video series:

  • “Big tech companies are beginning to influence and shape the very essence of what it is to be human.” Rt. Revd. Dr. Steven Croft
  • It is essential to establish ways to combat the inequity of the effect on the workforce. Establishing a strong human and machine relationship is essential to successfully navigating the economic challenges that will rise with innovation.
  • A transparent public awareness along with representation from science and philosophical reason will be our guides through the changes on the near horizon.

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Read the transcript from the full interview conducted by journalist Richard Sergay featuring: Rt. Revd. Dr. Steven Croft, Church of England Bishop of Oxford and theologian specializing in mission; He is also a member of the House of Lords.

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