T. Ritson Ferguson


T. Ritson Ferguson (“Ritson”) is a Chartered Financial Analyst (“CFA”) and an experienced alternative asset investment manager.

He is the retired CEO of a $130B+ real asset manager, CBREIM Global, where he managed the firm with 1,500 employees in 30+ countries. He also served as a CBREIM Global CIO where he established common investment process standards and integration of research, performance measurement and evaluation, and accountability. He has experience with both listed and private markets. He is also an entrepreneur and founder, a strategic M&A deal maker and an advocate for ESG and Diversity. He is an experienced Board member of both public and private entities. Currently, he is serving on the Duke University Endowment Board which has $22 B AUM. Ritson also is a Qualified Financial Expert with Audit Committee experience. Ritson served as a Captain in the US Air Force. Ritson earned a bachelor's degree from Duke University and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.