Jennifer “Jenna” Juday


Jenna is the Grand Niece of Sir John Templeton.

She is married to Ben Juday and is the daughter of Ann and Doug Cameron. Her children are Kaila (age 15) and Jevan (age 12). Jenna grew up in Sewanee, TN and graduated from St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School. She received a BA from Kenyon College in Ohio with a major in anthropology and a minor in dance. After college Jenna was a professional modern dancer with a variety of groups in San Francisco. During that time she had her first exposure to foundations working at The San Francisco Foundation in their Awards and Scholarships department. Jenna moved to Illinois to pursue a PhD in anthropology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. When it became clear that academia was not the right career choice, Jenna shifted towards healthcare. She has worked as a massage therapist and yoga instructor where she participated in research studies for yoga as an intervention for breast cancer survivors and for family caregivers of stroke patients. Her work in health and well-being brought her to nursing. Jenna currently works on a busy neuroscience hospital floor treating neurosurgical and brain injured patients as well as stroke and seizure sufferers and those with brain tumors. She is a Nationally Certified Stroke RN, a Unit Nurse Leader, and has participated in Evidence Based Practice projects including designing and implementing an innovative stroke patient and caregiver education program. Over the past 18 years Jenna has participated in the family governance of Ideal Industries, Inc. – a family owned business with over 2000 employees. She has served on their Family Council since she married in to the family. She has served two separate terms as their Development and Education Committee Chair. That Chair is tasked with developing and coordinating education for all levels of the family from children to adults, including Directors who serve on the company Board of Directors (a majority independent fiduciary board). She is active in their Director development program, attending board meetings and pursuing professional development to be able to serve the family in the Director role. Jenna currently serves and was one of the first members of the Member Committee that helps plan the annual meetings for the Templeton philanthropies. For three years she has served on the Family Engagement Task Force which has allowed her to bring her knowledge of family governance to support the larger Templeton family. She recently completed a two year term on the Templeton Prize Review Committee – a truly inspiring experience. Jenna has participated in many Foundation-related activities including the Member Development program in 2019 and representing the Templeton family at the Global Family Sejour in 2018 and 2019. Jenna is “grateful to have the opportunity to expand my horizons through the legacy of Sir John’s work and this philanthropic project while also expanding my connection to my family.”