​Measuring and Developing the Character Strengths of Wisdom in Low-Security Contexts: Testing New Approaches in Sri Lanka and the Philippines​

Director: Santushi Amarasuriya

Institution: University of Colombo

This project aims to develop new approaches for measuring and promoting wisdom in Sri Lanka and the Philippines, two countries experiencing high levels of political uncertainty and insecurity.

By investigating how various types of adversity impact the development of wisdom across different cultural and faith-based communities, the team aims to create and validate culturally sensitive versions of the Situated Wise Reasoning Scale (SWiS).

The multi-method study follows a multi-stage process:

  • An exploration of how different groups conceive of wisdom (using focus groups and rating exercises),
  • The development and validation of the wisdom measure in both general and low-security populations, and
  • The application of the measure to brief wisdom enhancing exercises.

The project is a collaboration between researchers from the universities of Colombo (Sri Lanka), De La Salle (Philippines), Wake Forest (US), and Waterloo (Canada).


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