Diverse Intelligences

How can we understand different forms of intelligence from microorganisms to algorithms?

Our universe brims with an astonishing variety of intelligences. But science and philosophy have only started to plumb the depths of this array of intelligent minds and behaviors.

The Templeton World Charity Foundation serves as a catalyst for forward-looking scientific inquiry. Our Diverse Intelligences Initiative aims to advance understanding of intelligence in its many forms.

The Initiative addresses three challenges:

  1. Beyond the Turing Test. How can we develop new frameworks for understanding the relationship between living and machine intelligences? Read more.
  2. The Brilliance of the Living World. How can non-human intelligences in our living world help us develop new paths to human flourishing? Read more.
  3. Morality in the Machine Age. How can we use artificial intelligence to enrich the moral, ethical, and spiritual capacities of humans? Read more.

With an initial funding commitment of $20 million, this Initiative supports leading experts from around the globe. Through the high-calibre projects we fund, we will help build a new community of researchers, technologists, philosophers, theologians, and other thinkers who probe the manifold intelligences in our world and beyond.

There is much to come from the Diverse Intelligences Initiative. We invite you to learn more at the Diverse Intelligences Website.