Templeton World Charity Foundation has launched a new strategy to support new scientific research on human flourishing and to translate related discoveries into practical tools. Over the next five years, the Foundation will support a range of projects across three distinct stages: discovery, development, and launch. We hope that this commitment will lead to the development of innovative solutions and the launch of new practices that make a lasting impact on human flourishing. 

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Before picking a focal point for the discovery stage of this five-year strategy, we have gathered new ideas through an open-submission process. We invited researchers across disciplines to participate in an initial phase of idea generation and development. Ideas selected will be used by the Foundation to shape its priorities for scientific discovery. This has the potential to lead to two new initiatives, each containing a portfolio of individual grants. We seek bold ideas and rigorous experiments that use new conceptual frameworks to move past age-old debates and lead to significant breakthroughs.

Grand Challenges for Human Flourishing:

Request for Ideas

We are investing $40 million in bold research that promotes human flourishing.

Eleven Grand Challenges for Human Flourishing Awardees Announced

April 2021 - More than 500 teams of scientists from over 350 academic institutions across the world answered the request for ideas, which push beyond traditional measures of physical and mental health to include happiness, meaning and purpose, spiritual well-being and striving in adversity. The 11 winning awards represent the work of more than 40 researchers at over two dozen institutions. This amounts to more than $1 million to encourage further exploration of these ideas and the advancement of science in human flourishing. 

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How did it work?

Templeton World Charity Foundation supports scientific research through discrete grants to institutions for specific projects. We fund research in many academic disciplines and select partners and applicants through a variety of methods. We plan to use this RFI to find new topics of interest. We filtered idea submissions and sent them out for external expert review. In some cases, we liaised with respondents to improve and refine the ideas. Upon completion of the idea-development stage, we may use some of these topics as the basis for future grantmaking.

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